quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016

Beautiful crochef scarf with graphic

The line drawn in crochet offers greater fragility to clothing. Therefore, we have prepared the following tips for conservation and maintenance of these parts to keep them always clean and with new look: 1. Avoid using the washing machine: washing crochet piece by hand prevents it is in contact with other clothes inside the machine, which favors that wires are pulled and the sudden movement of the machine affect the modeling part. 2. Opt for neutral soap: the washing powder can be aggressive to the delicacy of crochet, and indicated that the wash be used cold or warm water so that the wires are less beaten or can remove the brightness of different lines, such as metal for example. 3. Do not press the workpiece to remove excess water: centrifuging the laundry or manually twist it apparently exits are good for removing the excess water after washing parts, but these procedures are not suitable for the crochet parts as can deform the workpiece.
4. Do not use fasteners during drying: drying the ideal for crocheted piece is made in flat environments, preferably coated with a towel to soak up excess water. Fasteners may affect the conservation of the piece and create unwanted markings. 5. Avoid high temperatures in clothes passage, the high iron temperatures can harm the "tissue" and cause markings, so it is desirable to control the temperature and also protect the part of a lightweight fabric, such as a diaper to avoid the direct contact of the iron with the part. 6. Storage of the parts: if the parts can not be stored on hangers coated fabric to prevent yarn being pulled, which is indicated to be stored folded, preferably without being pressed by the weight of other parts. 7. Pay attention to the accessories: Some accessories may have details with chains or be made of some material that favors the wires from being pulled. Therefore, it is important to pay attention in the choice of accessories, they can ruin a piece of clothing on first use. 8. Repair of snags: some minor damage can be solved with own crochet hook and even with a hair clip, a procedure being done to hide the wire. But in severe cases there are clear lines that can help repair the damage, or in extreme case is valid search for a person skilled in the art.

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