sΓ‘bado, 2 de abril de 2016

🌸 🌸 Beautiful crochet sandals for her beautiful feet 🌸 🌸

Today I present to you a job in free pattern of very interesting croche ... Get ready to learn how to make a different sandal, a sandal that I call false sandal; and I will explain why I call so !! She and made all of crochet thread, having a standard format sandal that you will be able to do in different colors ... Why your feet deserve a wonderful thing to wear on any occasion ... You see that can be used with other sandal, and so highlight your beautiful feet ... Be on the beach, parties , or even in the night ballads, you will feel like a princess coated in a simple work croche ... You are a smart person, you will be able to have several to parade as a true model ... They are beautiful on the feet, your friends will love your idea and her will want to copy this wonderful sandal croche ... In his work, in the streets, shops ... where to go, you that'll be making a difference, with a sandal free crochet ... Everyone will admire your feet ... not to be with the colored nails but by beautiful models sandal in croche ... Is a modern and sensitive woman the simple things in life like this beautiful sandal in croche that you will make playing so simple it is .. Ja imagined win that person of your dreams with their gorgeous feet ???? Do not waste time, start now to make his sandal free crochet and winning several accolades from all family ...


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